i am an artist.

Not always easily spoken words. To believe I was an Artist, would require credentials, self-confidence, and others approval of my work. This was the lie I told myself.

Until it was no longer true.


There was a time, before and after marriage, children, and work, that I found the space to write. It was freeing, cathartic, and healing. My best writing came at times of most pain, some in the form of poems. I share this with the world as I believe we all have a necessity to feel connected, validated and seen.  I consider myself a situational poet.


I am an accidental painter, born in 2018, when I was gifted charcoal pencils, a canvas and a small set of acrylic paints.  

Today, I am fascinated with abstraction and its ability to evoke diverse perspectives and emotions, in different people. Artwork imperfections to some, perfection to others. This fluidity is what reminds me of the infinite possibilities of the human mind and heart.

I pour myself onto these pieces, leaving energy I am ready to dispose of. My process involves
little thinking of what I am ready to create. I paint with intention and purpose but without logic.  Each abstract piece begins with random squirts of paint, moved across the canvas mostly by gloved hands, as if searching for its destination, evolving into its final form. Time stops when I am painting.

My charcoal figurative abstract collection captivates the human spirit, at times its distortion and language.  


I tend to be a mind traveler. Floating thoughts of poetry lines, song lyrics, and paintings, only to forget them minutes later as I soar back into reality.

It can be a curse and a blessing, but it is mostly a gift.

These mental excursions are acts of manifesting, prophesizing, and send out artistic resolve into the universe,
transporting me into the life I was meant to live.  I am surrounded by what inspires me most… love, family, music and the eventual chaos. All of which feed my creativity of artistic expression for self-deliberation and freedom, nothing but passion existing in these spaces.

I will be a forever learner, continuing to walk my path of self-discovery, which I now know is an infinite journey.